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Susan Davis –
Sanctity of Life Doula


Retired from the mental health field with a Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science.  Susan is a practitioner and teacher in the Terrain of Essence Mystery School.  She is currently co-facilitating the three year foundational Lataif  immersion and Monday night drop-in. 

Humbly acknowledging more than nine years of self development with this ancient mystical wisdom.  “The Work” continues to accelerate Susan’s own healing journey in unforeseen ways and nurture a love of this sacred path.  Coalescing into her current call to service, Sanctity of Life Doula ~ supporting another in birthing their Authentic Self.




’I am as a leaf adrift in the waters of Life’  

To be adrift is to be unmoored, disconnected and in survival mode ~ grasping and struggling.  The intelligence of Life is always present and always with us even when we aren’t aware and falsely perceive we are separate and alone.


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